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Key West, Florida Key West Florida
Overall Rating
  • Population: 24,495
  • Median Age: 42
  • Median Home Value: $494,200
  • Median Household Income: $51,385
  • Cost of Living: Higher
  • Precipitation: 43in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 84°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 71°F
  • Hospitals: 1
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Florida > Key West

An interesting and colorful place, Key West sits at the tail end of the Florida Keys, a series of barrier islands off the coast of Miami. Key West is about a 3 hour drive from Miami on a single road that takes you through all of the keys. The people in Key West are a mix of eclectic locals, people who wanted to disappear, mid western tourists, families and a large gay community….all living comfortably together is this quirky town. In some ways, Key West is like a mini-New Orleans. It’s primary business is tourism and it’s main drag, Duval Street is a bit overrun in the winter months but once the tourists abate, Key West gets more quiet. Tons of restaurants, shops and evening entertainment and of course water sports. Lots of bars and places to tip back a few but not much in the way of education or business opportunities unless you are working in the tourism business. Beautiful old homes with “gingerbread” moldings and palm trees. Ernest Hemmingway’s home is here and has become a museum open to the public. Perfect for those who just want to kick back or party but not a lot else going on….

Data Central

Key West U.S. Average
Total Population24,495308,035,306
Total Female Population11,126
Total Male Population13,369
Median Age4237
Median Female Age42
Median Male Age43
Average Household Size2.6
Per Capita Income$32,431
Median Home Value$494,200
Median Household Income$51,385$44,389
Housing14,250 total, 35% vacant
Education - University Oriented Town
University TownNo
Lower Keys Medical Center
Average Winter Temp70.8°F
Average Summer Temp84.2°F
Annual Precipitation43.4in
Annual Snowfall0in
Cost of Living - 1.0 equals the National Average
Health Care1.06
Average Commute Time12 mins.