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Aspen, Colorado Aspen Colorado
Overall Rating
  • Population: 6,509
  • Median Age: 47
  • Median Home Value: $707,400
  • Median Household Income: $74,509
  • Cost of Living: Higher
  • Precipitation: 21in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 61°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 22°F
  • Hospitals: 1
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Colorado > Aspen

Aspen is both a town and a ski resort, remotely situated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado at 8,000 feet. While many celebrities and notables make their way to Aspen, it still has its rustic appeal, though pricey for those who wish to make it home. The beauty and tranquility of this mountain retreat, however, cannot be beat. And if you like star gazing…either celestial stars or movie stars for that matter, Aspen delivers.

Data Central

Aspen U.S. Average
Total Population6,509308,035,306
Total Female Population3,112
Total Male Population3,397
Median Age4737
Median Female Age51
Median Male Age44
Average Household Size1.9
Per Capita Income$74,740
Median Home Value$707,400
Median Household Income$74,509$44,389
Housing6,339 total, 46% vacant
Education - University Oriented Town
University TownNo
Aspen Valley Hospital
Average Winter Temp22.1°F
Average Summer Temp60.9°F
Annual Precipitation21.1in
Annual Snowfall178.8in
Cost of Living - 1.0 equals the National Average
Health Care1.05
Average Commute Time13 mins.