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Sausalito, California Sausalito California
Overall Rating
  • Population: 7,047
  • Median Age: 52
  • Median Home Value: $1,000,001
  • Median Household Income: $110,040
  • Cost of Living: Higher
  • Precipitation: 40in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 67°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 49°F
  • Hospitals: 0
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California > Sausalito

Charming seaside living just outside of San Francisco. Close tightly knit community where everyone knows your name. Beautiful ocean vistas and a quick hop into the city. Main drawback for retirement...very pricey but if you can swing's very nice.

Data Central

Sausalito U.S. Average
Total Population7,047308,035,306
Total Female Population3,793
Total Male Population3,254
Median Age5237
Median Female Age53
Median Male Age51
Average Household Size1.8
Per Capita Income$84,618
Median Home Value$1,000,001
Median Household Income$110,040$44,389
Housing4,396 total, 8% vacant
Education - University Oriented Town
University TownNo
Average Winter Temp49.1°F
Average Summer Temp66.8°F
Annual Precipitation40.5in
Annual Snowfall0in
Cost of Living - 1.0 equals the National Average
Health Care1.14
Average Commute Time29 mins.