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Cape May, New Jersey Cape May New Jersey
Overall Rating
  • Population: 3,651
  • Median Age: 54
  • Median Home Value: $661,100
  • Median Household Income: $39,402
  • Cost of Living: Higher
  • Precipitation: 42in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 74°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 37°F
  • Hospitals: 0
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New Jersey > Cape May

Charm, charm, charm. This is one of the oldest resort towns in the country and through great planning has kept the integrity of the town intact by keeping big box stores out and fostering smaller entrepreneurs. Beautiful old Victorian homes and a thriving foodie scene, with restaurant after restaurant, make this an irresistible place. There are charming old arcades by the beach, and the beach itself is gorgeous. Very quiet in offseason but the population swells during peak summer months.

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