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Provo, Utah Provo Utah
Overall Rating
  • Population: 111,940
  • Median Age: 23
  • Median Home Value: $213,000
  • Median Household Income: $39,782
  • Cost of Living: Average
  • Precipitation: 20in
  • Avg Summer Temp: 70°F
  • Avg Winter Temp: 29°F
  • Hospitals: 1
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Utah > Provo

At Provo Painters Utah, we are dedicated to providing you the highest quality and best painting services possible. We pride ourselves on being the best painter in Utah! We understand that quality service is of utmost importance to your homes and business. We are committed to providing you with the standard of service and product you expect and have the experience to back up that commitment. We provide the best painting services at cheap and affordable prices. Serving the Provo and Orem areas as well as throughout Utah County and south Salt Lake County we will come to your home and provide a professional evaluation of the services you need. We will provide you a customized quote that details the labor and supplies costs. We are committed to providing you and your home with cheap costs but not cheap service. Our skilled painting contractors are experts at residential painting. We provide a wide array of residential services to beautify and bring a fresh new look to your home. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel an accent well or new wallpaper we’ve done it all. We also can assist with wallpaper removal and stripping and refinishing to prepare a surface for a new paint job. If you are at a loss for which types of paint to choose for a given project we are also here to help. We have the technical knowledge and training to know which tools to use and which supplies to provide to meet your specific needs. We know when and where to use oil vs water based paint. We know when to choose an acrylic or epoxy instead of a stain or sealant. If you don’t even know what these things are, then don’t worry, just give us a call and let us know what you need to be done. We’ll even give you a free quote! Our commercially contracted painters can provide services ranging from small businesses, apartment building and complexes, to high schools and large industrial scale contracts. We are experienced in providing detailed bids for your needs and know the importance of staying on time and on budget. We have the experience that enables us to prepare accurate estimates that assist our clients in sticking to project schedules and budgets. As a small business, we understand that quality efficiency and dependability are paramount and are confident in our ability to provide these for every job. Let us help you provide your customers with the experience your business is striving to provide. Our skilled experts at Provo Painters provide the following services: Residential Interior Residential Exterior Paint Contracting Industrial Painting Commercial Painting Bathrooms Master Bedroom Accent Walls Kitchen Remodel Hallways and Stairways Wallpaper Garage Floors Decks and Patios Sealants, Acrylics, Epoxy, Fencing Window Boxes Molding and Trim Stripping and Refinishing Pressure Washing Color Choice Advising Our skilled professional painting contractors understand the importance of taking care of your home and follow strict processes to protect your walls ceilings and carpets from any damages. We are confident that you will be impressed with our work. We strive to make our clients and customers our highest priority. We always clean up the work area following our work and leave it ‘better than we found it’. Call us now!

Painter Provo Utah

Provo, UT

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