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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What’s this site all about?
GangsAway is a Retirement Planning Platform to help you research Locations, Second Careers, Volunteering, Education and Finance. Look for new places to live or find out what’s going on in your own hometown. Save all the info you find to your homepage and rate locations and opportunities. Also, you can create a group or “gang” of friends or family and maybe plan your next act together. Our public discussion boards give you a forum for asking and answering questions about locations or jobs or schools with the entire community.
What is Life 2.5?
We really hated the word retirement. We thought Life 2.5 was a great way of describing the next phase of life. It’s aspirational and more reflective about what this stage of life represents.
How can my group talk about ideas privately?
There is a private commenting board for each Gang’s Page where you can leave private comments that only members of that gang can see.

Saving and Sharing

How do I save an information tile to my homepage?
Just click on the + button in the center of the tile. When you put your cursor over the + a pull down menu will ask you where you want to save it to. Just click the place you want and you are don. If you want to save the tile to more than one place, then rinse and repeat.
What does the number next to the + sign mean?
It is the number of people who have saved that tile. It lets you know how many other people are interested in that location or opportunity. Might make you want to take a peek yourself.
Why would I want to “follow” other gangs of people I don’t know?
Maybe you’ve noticed that certain people seem to be looking for the same kinds of things you are. If you follow them you will be alerted to any info they collect so you can have a look at it too. Kind of like thousands of extra eyes and ears helping you look for good information.
I found some great info on the web and want to share it. How do I add a new information tile?
It’s easy, just copy the URL from the page you want to share. Then paste the URL into the “Share Something” box. Hit “GO” and it will pull up a page where you can add a description and select the picture you want displayed in the tile. Click the “Submit” button and you’re done. Voila! You’ve just created your very own tile to share with the universe.
When I create an information tile, can everyone see it?
Yes, we are a community and that’s how we can build incredibly rich content for everyone to use. 
What does the ranking mean?
You can rank a tile or location and also see how the whole community ranks that location or other info. Seeing how the community rates something might give you some ideas that you hadn’t thought of. 


How do I change my picture for my avatar?

Put your cursor over your existing avatar photo and you will be given the option to edit. 

How do I upload a picture for my whole gang?
Only the Gang administrator can upload a gang photo. So if you are not the administrator you won’t be able to. If you are, then go into your edit gangs tools and you can upload a picture there. 

City and Country Info

Is every town in the United States in here?
We hope so…that was our goal. If some place is missing, let us know. Email us at and put “missing location” in the title line.
What about international? You only have a limited selection?
We agree. We plan to fill out many more towns and cities internationally over the next year. If you have a particular city or country you don’t see, email us and we’ll put it on the top of the list. Email us at and put “location suggestion” in the title line.


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