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About GangsAway!

Where, What & How of Retirement is a community for people thinking, dreaming or planning the next stage of their lives, known as the retirement years, or what we call Life 2.5.

Here, you can find information on places to live, work, learn, or give back. Using our rich data and information along with user-posted content and comments from the community, we showcase ideas and provide inspiration on where you might live to pursue your dreams, and what you might find to do. is also platform through which you can collaborate with people you care about: your friends and family. Using our “gangs” functionality, you can research, save, share, vote and plan your next act as a group.

Sure, some people might be looking for a solo Life 2.5, but for most of us it would be great if we could embark on a new adventure and share that with the people we know and love.

This is Just the Beginning

We are working on the next phase of, with tools designed to help you figure out not only where, but what and then finally how.

What are you going to with this vast time you have after 50? Work? Go back to school? Write a novel? Change the world? Our tool will provide personalized search and safe functionality for all the possibilities in any of the locations you are considering.

How are you going to make it happen? Do you need more education? More money? Business partners? Our tool will help you plan out the steps you’ll need to take to make your next act a reality.

And here’s the best part, the tool will overlay your results with your friends’ results and figure out what locations would meet the requirements of the whole gang.

Who We Are

Moira McGarvey, Founder

Moira is the founder of GangsAway!, the retirement planning platform that addresses the changing landscape of retirement and provides information on new locations, second careers, volunteering, and education.

"I was looking for retirement information for myself and my friends and couldn't find any. So, I built GangsAway!"

Prior to GangsAway!, Moira spent seven years as an executive recruiter for digital media companies, counseling, guiding, and placing sales and marketing candidates at large digital companies and internet startups. Before recruiting, Moira was a Digital and Print media sales executive at several Conde Nast brands, including GQ, Conde Nast Digital, Lucky, Allure, Brides and She was also VP of Sales for WebMD, as well as VP of Sales and on the founding team of internet start-up,

Moira says, "Today, Boomers are looking at this part of their lives in dramatically different ways from previous generations. They are working longer, going back to school, even joining the Peace Corp. We aim to provide all the information needed by this generation to plan their next act."

Jim Jones, CTO

As the GangsAway! CTO, Jim brings a decade of experience developing and operating large-scale websites and other network based applications, with both programmer and architect level responsibilities, for companies such as Discovery Communications, Travelocity, Accent Health and TellMe, among others.

He has more than 20 years of networking experience (ARPAnet, Bitnet, CSNet, Internet, Usenet) OS, application and network level programming in a variety of languages and has designed, develop and operated distributed applications. He possesses a broad range of OS expertise (VM, MVS, VMS, Tops-10, DOS, Windows) including a variety of UNIX operating systems (BSD 2.x/4.x, System V, SunOS/Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Irix, BSDi, SCO, Xenix, Venix, Ultrix, OSF/1, Linux).

Press and Publishing

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